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Tramfabriek DCC Test Board

By drM


Exclusive Tramfabriek DCC test board

Art DT200

Easy way to test your decoders. Comes with 12V coreless motor, in contrast to the marginally cheaper alternative by another brand. With the coreless motor it is therefore very quiet. Especially when working on sound decoders, this is essential, but also with non sound DCC it is a relief.

- Essential device to assure that your new decoder works as it should when you receive it from new, before installing in your model

- You can program the decoder before installing

- Test decoder that you are unsure of if it is working. You can assure the model train is not causing any problem, when tested outside of the model.

A digital command station is needed to connect to the decoder tester to read and control the fitted decoders.

Only connect one decoder at the time! Fitting more than one decoder can damage the decoders.

Will test all the popular DCC connectors:



NEM 651 6 pin

MEN652 8 pin


With integrated speaker.

Gear Puller

To adjust or take off wheels, gears and worms. Comes in box with 5 different pins. A train modeller really can’t do without this.

Included pins for axles with diameters of 0.9mm, 1.7mm (2 versions), 2 mm and 3mm.

More very useful tips of the use of the gear puller and other ways of removing gears, worms etc can be found by following this link. It is in fact essential to read this before you start using the gear puller, in order not to damage the tool or the gears.

NEW (Another Tramfabriek exclusive)

MORE PINS!! 1.1 and 1.4 mm

As model train engineers know, the most common motor shafts measure 1.2 and 1.5 mm. This is why the Tramfabriek has manufactured pins to suit those projects,. Something I should have done years ago. Get a set of the 0.9, 1.1 and 1.4 mm and your model train worries are over. Well, two of them, at least.

Oil in precision applicator

Precision oil for use on model trains. Use for brass or other metal gearing or to lube the axles. It's a vegetable based oil, so safe with most plastics. Very easy to only apply one drop.

Gear spacer

Another Tramfabriek innovation is the Gear Spacer for all DIY chassis builders or anyone else who likes to fiddle around with gears. When you design gear motion, you don’t really know yet if the distances of the gears will work well in reality. This handy tool will allow you to physically test the required distance between gears. Moving along the snail from the centre increases the distance to the centre with 0.1 mm with each step. Suitable for axles with a diameter of 1.0 and 1.5 mm. Suits all scales, but will mainly be useful for 009/H0e, N and Z gauge, where axles with these diameters are most common.

As a bonus, the short edges allow you to measure the Module of the gear. Available Modules: M0.2, M0.3, M0.4, M0.5


- To design your own gear train, this website is very helpful:

- All kind of gears can be custom ordered from the excellent for reasonable prices.