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I get asked once in a while “The Tramfabriek motor runs on 12V. But I have a DCC controller with has an 18V output

What  happens if I use the controller 18 V, but the motor needs only 12 V ?”

You have to understand though the controller may be 18V AC, the track voltage will be about 15-16V AC. And that doesn’t even matter, as it is the decoder that receives the power and will then feed the necessary power to the motor. All model train motors are 12V DC, so any DCC model train would have a problem if the AC power on the track was directly fed to the motor. It is the output of the DCC decoder that matters, not the track power. And that normally will be around 12V. 

Even so, I’ve once tested one of my motors on 17V and it ran for 9.5 hours, only then to fail. So you are covered on all fronts.

Lenz settings for Tramfabriek coreless motors:

CV 50 (motor configuration): 4

CV 113 (Minimum PWM value): 5

(With the kind cooperation of A & E models)

Doehler & Haass settings for Tramfabriek coreless motors:

CV9=0       Motor frequency

CV50=0     Control variant, sets control to CV56-59

CV56=5     Motor control proportional

CV57=2     Motor control integral

CV58=0     Motor control measurement period

CV59=1     Motor control impulse width

Try CV59 between 1 and 4, see what works best for you. Value 2 gives a better drive, but also more noise. Value 3 is a good compromise.

Train-O-Matic settings for Tramfabriek coreless motors:

CV61=10 (PID; Proportional constant)

(With the kind cooperation of Train-O-Matic)

Zimo settings for Tramfabriek coreless motors:

CV 9  (motorfrequentie): 94

CV 56 (BEMF config/control): 148

CV 58 (BEMF intensity): 220

CV 57 (Voltage reference): 110 (=max voltage to motor at full speed is 11V)

Zimo brake function (Optional, but cool feature! Push button to brake):

CV 4 (braking delay): 110

CV 309 (brake function key): 0-29 (number of function key)

CV 349 (brake time): 6

ESU settings for Tramfabriek coreless motors:

CV  02 =   2

CV  51 =   6

CV  52 =   0

CV  53 = 120

CV  54 =  10

CV  55 =   6

CV  56 = 255

CV 116 =  25

CV 117 =  50

CV 118 =   5

CV 119 =   5

(Updated 31/3/2021, with the kind cooperation of ESU)

Kühn settings for Tramfabriek coreless motors:

The default settings are already pretty spot on, but there can be some noise caused by the BEMF. The following settings should reduce this.

CV2 = 1 (Default 3) for slower driving at step 1

CV54 = Reduce to 4 to 8 (Default 16). Try what works best for your model, as it is depending on its gearing.

(With the kind cooperation of Kühn Modell & digital)