Tramfabriek Ltd

2 Locken Cottages

The Walk

Eton Wick



My name is Sven van der Hart (1970) and live in Eton Wick in England. I started designing the first small model steam tramway locomotive in 2012, as it wasn’t available at that time. Initially it was only for myself, but very soon people discovered that I was making this very detailed loco, and even before it was finished, the first orders came in and the Tramfabriek was born. 

I also made animations, illustrations and other model buildings. Head over to my other website to see more: svenvanderhart.com

Feel free to contact me if you have a question. I normally respond very quick (remind me, if you didn’t receive an answer in three days).

Regular updates on model building, all my other creative inspiration and behind-the-scenes photos you can find on my Facebook page.