Conversion Minitrix T3 0-6-0

to 12V coreless motor

What you need for conversion set

- The model and upgrade kit

- Small flat screwdriver

- Soldering iron 15W/25W

- Super glue or Loctite

A torch, a self made pin and bracket to remove the worm. More info here.

Installation time: Around 1/2 hour

Contents of the kit

Brass worm now included!!

Fits all original Minitrix T3 models). Fits in 89 005 (fx 2043 or 12043) and 89 008 (11016).

Does NOT fit in 89 006, 89 010 and in Krombacher-Loco (91033)


Question? Just reach out!

For N.201 Fowler dock tank (47160), which has a lower roof, follow this link.


Take apart

Remove screw on top of the model


Remove original motor

Remove two screws on the bottom of  the model (on this picture the new motor has already been installed). Then solder the wires of the new motor to the contact strips and screw the new motor in place.


Kit with worm, continue below

Place new worm on the shaft of the coreless motor and check for correct alignment. Run the motor to test. If it is all running great, use metal glue like Loctite or Granville (ideally the blue lock thread version) to glue the worm in position.

(Earlier versions of the kit came without the worm, but with an adapter to fit a worm.)


Kit with brass adapter, continue below

Remove the worm from the original motor (do not use the Tramfabriek gear puller here, as most of the time, the worm is fitted too tight and you will break the pin. You’ll need to heat it up with a torch. For more valuable tips how to remove a worm, gear or flywheel, click here. If you find it difficult, just send the motor to me and I’ll take the worm off. You are even welcome to do this before purchase, so we’ll send it out with the kit.

Then press the brass adapter in the original worm. Be careful with the adapter, the wall is only 0.1 mm thick. You might have to clean out the worm to make room for the adapter.


Check fitting

Check how far the worm has to go on the motor axle, glue it on the axle.  When the glue has set,  go immediately test the model in both directions. When the glue hasn’t completely hardened yet, you’ll still be able to make adjustments.


Assemble model

When everything works well, put the parts back together.