Upgrade Egger-EOG

to 12V coreless motor

Contents of Coreless motor upgrade kit. The boiler assembly can be white or grey. H0m kits contain an extra outer case bottom replacement, as the wheels are too wide to fit in the original bottom case.

The Egger-Bahn or Jouef model can be opened by unscrewing the chimney. (not pictured)

Use these pictures, as guide lines for painting.

The bottom plate comes pre-assembled with the drive. Use a small screw driver to loosen the two screws that hold the motor to the bottom plate, and be careful not to touch/bend the coupling rods.

The bottom plate has to be clamped or glued in the bottom case. It probably will be too tight, because of the tabs of the etch. Try first before you start filing. With a little luck it snaps in place, otherwise file a bit of the tabs. If it is too loose, not to worry, just glue it with superglue. 

With the bottom plate in place, fit the motor and place the painted boiler over the motor. Do not glue it. Now fit the outer housing and screw the chimney through the model to hold the whole assembly together.