Tips to make a conversion yourself:

- Check my webpage http://tramfabriek.nl/

- Measure the motor and check for a matching size motor. Arnold had quite small motors in their models, so sometimes you might need the mill some metal away for a motor to fit. Any size motor will be capable enough for this model, though I think it is better to fit at least the 7 mm motor, not the 6. That’s more for light good trains.

- When the replacement motor is lower than the original motor, build up a platform with styrene. Until the gear reaches the right height, that is a loose fit the the gear below. You should be able to wiggle the gears a little. No tight fit.

- Use the original gear. To take it off the motor shaft (axle), see for tips: http://tramfabriek.nl/worm-removal.html . 

- Measure the diameter of the motor shaft and find the right adapter for the 1 mm shaft of the new motor to the inner diameter of the worm/gear. The adapter need to be at least 3 mm long.