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Sound decoders FAQ

Q: How do I install a sound on a sound decoder?

A: When you purchase a sound decoder from the Tramfabriek, you can indicate which sound you would like to have installed. This is a free service. If you later want to change the sound, you need a programmer to do so. Each brand has its own programmer that allows you to install sounds of your choice on a decoder. You need a Windows PC (though it works on a Mac using Parallels and Windows) to work with the programmer. Note: This doesn’t work cross brands. You can’t install ESU sound on a Doehler & Haass decoder or using a Doehler & Haass programmer to program an ESU sound decoder. A Doehler & Haass Programmer is available here from the Tramfabriek.

Q: Where do I see which sounds are available?

A: For Doehler & Haass, see this overview: https://doehler-haass.de/cms/pages/produkte/soundsystem/soundprojekte.php

For ESU, see: https://www.esu.eu/en/downloads/sounds/

Q: My sound decoder gets really hot. Too hot too touch. Is this normal?

A: Yes, this is expected behaviour. A Sound decoder will come quickly about 80 degrees. Already at 50 degrees, it will be too hot too touch. This is the reason why sound decoders are not protected with a silicone cover.

Q: How do I change the speed of the chuffs?

A: 353 Chuffs at speed step 1: The value corresponds to the time in 64 ms steps between the chuffs at speed step 1

    354 Chuffs at higher speed steps: The value determines the time of reduction between the chuffs at higher speed steps