Smart Screen by Train-Tech

Smart Screen

Display only, no casing.

Smart Screen is a real working animated screen in miniature which you can customise with your own messages in any language (using the latin alphabet) to really bring your layout to life! The small display module has everything built inside so you only need to connect 2 wires to DC or DCC power to make it work.

The Smart Screen can display 10 screens which can be triggered by a range of different inputs including switches, DCC commands and track sensors which can be used to show a different screen as a train passes over it.... For example: “Platform 1: MyTown”, then change to “Train arriving” or the text“Train delayed” can scroll through the display, etc.

The clock can be static, but you can also choose to display a real working clock.

Everything is contained in the Smart Screen so no complicated wiring or circuit boards - just connect 2 wires to a power source and go.

RTR assembly

Specifications display: OLED 32 x 128 pixels

Trigger different screens

Mounting a Smart Screen on a platform or in a station can add a lot of realism. You can change what the display is showing at the touch of a button. Or if you fit one or two sensors next to your tracks, it can show appropriate messages for trains arriving or departing completely automatically.

If your layout is DCC you can automatically display different screens for the various routes your points are set to as trains leave the station...... the possibilities are almost endless.

Animated displays

One of the most exciting things about the Smart Screen is, besides its incredibly small size, the scrolling text. This really gets the attention and shows that you are not only displaying a static, printed image. Sometimes you may want to display several words or list the various stations your train is stopping at, but they wouldn’t normally fit on the screen. Smart Screen is able to display long messages on each of the 10 customisable displays, by scrolling them along the screen automatically.... just like the real thing!

Installation in trains

As well as mounting your Smart Screen on the station you can also fit it inside a train. You can just connect it to a regular DC power feed to light it up, or if you are running your locomotives on DCC, the Smart Screen has a built-in digital decoder which can be set to monitor the train direction and display a different destination or message automatically depending on its direction of travel.

Other applications

Displays are now part of everyday life, so Smart Screens can be used on your layout in places other than trains and stations. They can help bring roads to life with changing screens and if you have a Faller Car system or similar you can automate the screens using magnetic reed switches under the road. You could also fit them in buses or bus stops, or use them in a Stadium to make your dream team scores come true.

Setting up your own message screens

Smart Screens come preloaded with a demo display, but from the start you can fully customise your own messages. The clear instruction booklet (pdf download) will guide you step by step.  Although once set up the screen can be powered from DCC or DC, you need to use a DCC controller to set up your own screens and inputs. This is fully explained in the instructions and most DCC controllers will work, although controllers with easy to use function commands are best. And if you need any help, you can always contact the Tramfabriek and you’ll be helped as soon as possible.

Controlling and powering your Smart Screen

- Smart Screens can either be powered directly from 8-16 volts smooth DC or from DCC.

- Different display screens can be set to be controlled by a number of different types of inputs or commands:

• 1 or 2 switches - For example button or reed switch

• DCC accessory - For example point or signal control

• DCC loco - by direction or Function buttons

• 1 or 2 sensors that can can trigger a function in a digital decoder

Unique Ready To Run designs at the Tramfabriek: 

When you buy a Smart Screen at the Tramfabriek, you buy it as a complete finished model. The display assembly comes in a choice of three colours. You only have to choose which sticker you’ll be applying, then it’s ready to install in your layout. The designs available have been inspired by the LED screens in Germany and Austria, but as some stickers are without language, they can be used in many non-German language layouts.

Programmed for a German station

Model layout by Jason van Schie

Stickers that come with the model. The colour of the stickers depends of course on the colour of the chosen Smart Screen set.