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Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee

For OO, O and H0

Very Limited Edition: only 100 sets, each with an individual release number.

Also suitable for layout placed in the 50’s and 60’s with a 1952 coronation plate.

Above, presentation example in 1:87. Car (Rico), figure (Preiser) and street not part of the offer. Free download of CAD file of the street at bottom of this page.

Living with the queen as my neighbour and doing my shoppings in Windsor, I got inspired by the street decoration. There are special plates on the street celebrating the Diamond Jubilee from 10 years ago. Or celebrating Windsor. But there are none that celebrate this Platinum Jubilee (yet).

But you can! Commemorate this once in a lifetime event on your model train layout or in a diorama with unique manhole covers and additional decoration. From the Tramfabriek comes this one off nickel silver etch design. It contains two manhole covers for O scale and two similar covers plus several other plates taken from the streets of Windsor for OO. As you can see in the picture above, these also work very well for H0 scale.

This time, special attention has also been paid to the frame of the etch. For those who want to keep this as a collector’s item instead of integrating it in the model world. It comes in a nice, jubilee colour matched packing. But at the Tramfabriek we rather see you use it in your layout. Or make a special diorama for it, as is shown on this page.

Only 100 sets will be produced. This special release will not return!

< box that comes with Oxford Diecast models has been re-used for a little diorama. Presentation example. Preiser 1:76 figures and Oxford Diecast Mini not included.

How to make:

Cut the etches carefully with fine and sharp scissors.  The best one to use is KAI N5100, used in the sewing world. Expensive, but will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Ideally, use a metal primer, but as it doesn’t get handled after painting, ordinary acrylic primer will work just as well.  Paint the etches then in chocolate brown, the same colour used to paint the tracks in a rust colour. In this example Vallejo 70.872 has been used. After drying, dry-brush with a grey/beige paint, to highlight the details. 

Glue in place with PVA, Kristal Clear or similar. You can use superglue, but that won’t give you time to reposition. Do not handle with metal tweezers, as you will damage the paint. Better to use plastic tweezers or cocktail sticks.

If you have a 3D printer, you can download the file for the street here for free:

To complete it, use an Oxford Diecast casing that comes with many OO gauge models.

Installation example.