Mini Class 143/144 Pacer in 009

For reliable digital performance, the Tramfabriek advises a Train-O-Matic Micro W decoder and Powerpack. Don’t forget to change CV61 to 10 for optimal performance of the coreless motor.

This lovely 009 Pacer is an original design by David Malton, with some final touches by the Tramfabriek. It is available as a free download and can best be printed on a resin printer.

Get the free STL download to print from Thingiverse HERE.

To complete the model, you need the following:

1 x Kato 11-109  motorised chassis, available from the Tramfabriek

2 x Peco NR-122, available from different resellers

Decals design and window cutting templates are available for free

or you can purchase them here from the Tramfabriek.

If you want to fill the holes for the head lamps, you need

1 and 1.5 mm acrylic transparent rod.

3D print Pacer model

Decals black

Decals white

Windows template

Decals and windows

4x Pacer horns (wav format)

   Free downloads


   Sound files