Removing the Minitrains drive chassis

Of course there will be many other ways of removing the Minitrains drive easily and safely. These are the ways I have found most efficient. If you have another way you really like, let me know, so I can add it here.

Option 1: IC puller

(Pictured at the right)

The easiest to do this is to get yourself an IC puller.  Just search for it on Google, eBay or Amazon. They are cheap and easy to find.

Remove the motor by pulling it on the front of the motor. You can give a firm pull, to pull it off the clips in the middle.

Option 2: Cocktail stick

(Pictured below)

If you need to remove it now and don’t want to wait for a tool, another trick is to use a cocktail stick. Push it between the motor and flywheel and press the stick downwards.