This is a 1:87 scale replica gate, of which the original can be found in Delft, the Netherlands. It is etches out of nickel silver,  which gives the fine detailed model its sturdiness. To assemble it, only the doors have to be fitted to the hinges. The tabs are then folded to hold the doors in place. You are still able to open and close the doors to your liking. 

But there is more to be found on the etch you get with the kit. A bicycle, garden tools, some ivy and two extra side fences if you want to make the gate a little wider. Extra fence pieces are available on request.

Below, the complete etch you’ll receive.

If you wonder what those little pies are at the corner of the etch, then look at the picture at the right. These can be found in different shapes in the town of Monnickendam. You get these as an exclusive bonus, never before seen in model. Well, I haven’t seen them before.

Photo by Frank Pennin