Free downloads

The Tramfabriek has an exclusive deal with Joey Sandbach, a professional voice actor, whose voice sounds very much like the female announcer we can hear daily at station in England. On this page you find generic station announcements, free for you to download and use in your model train layout.

On top of the free downloads, you can also order your own, personalised announcements. For that, purchase at the right and put your desired messages in the notes. If you have any question, please get in touch.

Click on the red icon to hear the desired MP3 file. Right-click to download.

The next train to depart from platform (1/2/3) is the Great Western Railway service to London Paddington

Great Western Railway operates a penalty fare scheme from this station. Please ensure you purchase a ticket before you board.

Please stand behind the yellow line. Trains are passing at high speed.

 The train arriving at platform (1/2/3) terminates here.

The train now standing at platform (1/2/3) is not for public use.

No Service Due To Industrial Action.

Mind the gap.

If there are some more generic station announcements you would like to hear that can benefit other users as well, please let us know. We might be adding an announcement with your suggestion.