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The 1020D motor


In 2017, the Tramfabriek made model train fans all over the world very happy with the release of a very affordable 8 x 16 mm 12V coreless motor (0816S). Seeing someone bringing this to the market made customers ask for more. So a similar motor with two shafts, as well as  7 x 16 mm and 6 x 15 mm motor followed. All of them small, 12V miracle workers in many model trains in the smaller scales.  

Introducing the tiny 6 x 15 mm 12V coreless motor - Only from the Tramfabriek

This great line up of motors now has little big brother that is even more powerful. Measuring  a little larger, 10 x 20 mm, but twice the torque as the already impressive 8 x 16 motor. This new motor  creates possibilities for people who have a more space in their model to give it a  motor that is more powerful, silent and gives real crawling speeds to their train models. What’s not to like?

Technical specifications:

Outer diameter: 10.0 mm

Length: 19.90 mm

Voltage: 12V

Shaft diameter: 1.0 mm

Shaft length non-contacts side: 7.0 mm

Shaft length contacts side: 7.4 mm

No load RPM at 12V: 14,000

Rated current: 60 mA

Stall torque: 32

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All adapters are brass and have an outer diameter of 1.5 mm.