A new harvest.

Introducing the tiny 6 x 15 mm 12V coreless motor - Only from the Tramfabriek

In 2017, the Tramfabriek made the model train fans who model in small scales very happy with the release of a very affordable (and continuing to be available) 8 x 16 mm 12V coreless motor (0816S). Seeing someone bringing this to the market, made the customers ask for a similar motor with two shafts, as well as a smaller version. Together with these customers in a crowdfunding campaign, the Tramfabriek was able to produce a 12V 8 x 16 mm (0816D) and a 7 x 16 mm  (0716D) coreless motor with two shafts. It’s notable that the 0816D was a world’s first.

This year, the Tramfabriek is proud to announce an even smaller motor: a 6 x 15 mm motor (0615S) at, yes, 12V. Again an unique product to the market and possibly a world’s first as well. Not only is it native 12V, with it 21800 rpm at 12V, it rotates 21% slower than it’s closest rival by Maxon. The 8 mm long shaft is 3x longer than the Maxon 10V motor, which has a short 2.5 mm shaft on each end. This makes it much easier now to fit a worm, probably the most common practice for model train builders. We hope it will not only create a solution, but also inspire. With the harvest of this new motor, we hope to have planted a seed for new things to grow!

Technical specifications:

Size: 6mm (diameter), 15mm (length)

Voltage: 12V

Shaft: 0.8 mm (diameter), 7 mm (Length)

No load speed: 21800 ±10%

Rotation : CW

Noload current: 15mA Max

Stall Current: 110mA max

Stall torque: 4.9g.cm

Terminal resistance 113±5%

A great solution for small models

The Tramfabriek send out a pre-production model to well respected narrow gauge modeller James Mackeown to test. This is what he had to say about the 6 x 15 mm motor:

“It draws a very low current. Less than 10ma. […] The motor is superb. I'll buy more! Two more....Please....? […] it's a perfect 12v replacement for the Busch and much quieter than the howling geared motor they supply. It can run very slowly (with rc !) […] I've fitted a new bigger capacity battery that will have it running for at least two hours!”

For this small motor, James Mackeown specially built this wonderful RC controlled train in 1:76 scale on 6.5 mm track.

The 6 x 15 motor makes it possible to make the Tramfabriek belt drives even smaller. The motor was installed on a brass chassis with 5.6 mm wheels with a 13.8 mm wheelbase, which makes it the smallest H0 drive the Tramfabriek ever has made for a customer.

Welcome to the family

The Tramfabriek already offers a great line-up of 12V coreless motors. The most popular being both of the Ø 8 mm  single and double shaft motors, but the surprisingly just as powerful Ø 7 mm motor is a favourite choice of modellers who try to fit the best in their small models (if you’re looking for a Ø 7 mm single shaft motor, just cut off one shaft). Now with a Ø 6 mm motor, made with the modeller in mind, imagine the possibilities!

Available now!

There is nothing comparable on the market. Yet the price for the motor is very attractive. The Tramfabriek wants to have this motor within reach of everyone, so some great things will be done with it.